Multilingual Satisfy

The WordPress theme Satisfy can be translated into many different languages. It also supports multilingual plugins like Polylang and Wpml. But some dynamic texts doesn't get picked up automatically by those plugins. To fix that follow the steps below: (if you have premium there's no need for this fix). Create a file called "wpml-config.xml" and..

Simple Wp Sitemap on Nginx

To get Simple Wp Sitemap working on Nginx, add the following rewrite rules for free or premium to the server { } section in your server file nginx.conf. # Simple Wp Sitemaplocation ~ /sitemap\.(xml|html) {rewrite ^/sitemap\.(xml|html)$ /index.php?thesimplewpsitemap=$1 last;} # Simple Wp Sitemap Premiumlocation ~ /sitemap(.*)\.(xml|html) {rewrite ^/sitemap\.(xml|html)$ /index.php?swsitemap=$1 last;rewrite ^/sitemap-home\.xml$ /index.php?swsitemap=xml&swsitemaptype=homepage last;rewrite ^/sitemap-(.*)\.xml$ /index.php?swsitemap=xml&swsitemaptype=$1 last;}

A simple html5 template

This is a simple template in html5 that can be used as a base for all types of web projects. It only contains the most necessary elements (and just a little more) for a valid html page. Perfect for the lazy person who doesn't feel like typing this all over and over again when starting new..