Lower balcony in cyprus

Webbjocke is a blog about the web and programming. The main focus is javascript which is my favorite language, but the plan is to also start blogging about other things further ahead. Anything that has to do with the web really.

So who am I? The name is Jocke and I'm a freelancing web developer from Sweden. I have worked as a developer in the past and made many websites, but now I'm currently doing the freelance thing and finding it totally awesome. I'm usually looking for work so if you need something done, like a website, or just some font-end or back-end functions for your website, send a mail via the contact page and I'll get back to you!

Most solo projects I've done and blog posts can be found here on the posts page. The site is also a shop for a couple WordPress plugins and themes I sell and maintain, which are listed on the downloads page.